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14. Light of life.

"Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of the light."( John 12:36) Jesus spoke these words just six days before his death. It was said of him earlier : 'In him was life and that life was the light of men ...The true light that gives light to every man was coming into the world.'(John 1:4,9) The world was literally plunged into darkness at his death. 'It was now about the sixth hour and darkness came over the whole land until the ninth hour, for the sun stopped shining.' (Luke 23:44) Once again the world is going to be plunged into darkness both spiritually and physically and its harbingers (something that signals approach) can be seen in the happenings around the world. 'The sun will be turned to darkness and the moon to blood before the coming of the great and glorious day of the Lord.' (Joel 2:31) Let's dare to walk in the light because "whoever lives by the truth comes into the light but everyone who does evil hates the light and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed."(John 3:20-21) Let's remember that we who have put our trust in the light are the 'light of the world' too! (Matthew 5:14) Amen.

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